Narrow Boat Pricing

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Here is a guide to how are pricing works. You can order your New Narrow Boat as either, Sailaway Lined, Sailaway Lined with Additions or Fully Fitted...

Sailaway Lined Narrow Boats

Our Sail away lined narrow boats come complete with ballast floor, windows, engine, spray foam.

Prices from only £570 per ft


- Hull with window apertures and drop openings
- Water tank ( treated )
- Fuel tanks
- Gas locker
- Engine beds
- Deck fittings
- Fitted with ballast
- Plywood floor
- Windows and doors
- Standard Diesel engine and gearbox, Upgrades available
- Cabin area lined
- Primed with one Holding Coat

Sailaway Lined Narrow Boats with Addons

Prices from £POA

As sailaway lined plus

- All electrics
- Plumbing
- Central Heating
- Exterior Paint work completed


Fully Fitted Bespoke Narrow Boat

prices from £1000 per ft

Our fully fitted narrow boats are design and built to your exacting specification with bespoke fixtures and fittings. All rooms come complete with appliances.